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The overall goals and objectives of this five-year study are to:

Build the SDPRC

We are taking the necessary steps to ensure that community input and support are obtained and that the SDPRC is seen as a meaningful community resource.

Evaluate the impact of the SDPRC in the South Bay community

We are evaluating the short, mid and long-term impact of SDPRC efforts on policies, practices and behaviors related to physical activity in the South Bay area of San Diego County.

Strengthen and evaluate the partnership between the SDPRC and the San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC) and its effect in promoting physical activity among Latino community members

We are assessing the number of new and successful research and service projects spawned through this relationship, along with a measure of increase in community participation.

Instill highly sustainable strategies to assure continued success of the PRC’s mission, responsiveness to community needs, and the ability to follow applicable procedures

We are putting in place the necessary management and evaluation strategies to ensure that all stakeholders are able to contribute to SDPRC activities, and that any required state or federal reporting requirements are met.